Inspiration for Design

Sapphire Willow derives inspiration from the beauty of nature and we have focused on pairing the color base of a gem with the characteristics of a hardwood. Our design approach is to bring together products that are in part modern and functional in design, but having rustic or classic characteristics. Today more than ever we want form and function to be one in the same, a vase that can be used to hold flowers or simple hold its own in our décor or motif. We want to break away from the constraints of traditional motifs and design and branch out to create our own fusion. Pieces that can be placed in a modern design that also fit into a traditional design allow us to create such blends of style.

Sapphire Willow Manufactured Products

Did you know that we manufacture some of our products here in the United States? We have a manufacturing facility in Georgia that is where we produce our Imperial Candle brand of soy and pillar candles, as well as many of the functional wood pieces.


Why you will love our candles...

Although there are candles for sale everywhere, few compare to the quality of an Imperial Canlde by Sapphire Willow. Our candles are hand made here in the US by dedicated crafts men and women.

To produce green candles, we use only natural organic soy wax and fragrances produced here in the US.

Quality elements of our candles:

  • We use 100% US produce soy wax, for longer lasting and cleaner burning candles.
  • We use US made quality wicks, properly sized for the container
  • We load our candles with as much fragrance as the wax will hold.
  • We test our candle designs to make sure they burn long, clean, and throw strong scent.

Wood Craft

Why you will love our craft...

Sapphire Willow is one of few companies manufacturing home decorations and furnishings here in the US. We take great pride in every design and piece we make, providing you a quality product at competitive pricing.

What makes our craft green?

  • As offten as we can, we use reclaimed wood from torn down barns and naturally fallen trees.
  • We do not purchase materials from out of the country or imported from areas where deforestation is taking place.
  • We do not use of industrial adhesives in our products.
  • All stains and paints used are biodegradable.

Hand made Amish furniture is something that is well known in the US, and fore those who have seen Amish furniture, there is no comparison to the quality of many imported products. Similarly, Sapphire Willow products are hand made with the same care and attention to detail as one would expect from quality craft products.

Selecting sound quality wood, making precision cuts, careful assembly, and detailed stain and paint processes are all traits of our products.