All About Saphire Willow

A new online store of beautiful and unique home décor and candles, something a little rustic and modern.

Your home’s décor is an expression of you, who you are and where you have been. For this reason alone, we have created a place to find unique and elegant products for you and your home.

From a humble beginning, Imperial Charm was formed to provide an avenue for additional income to its founders. We originally organized our company to sell products exclusively through a network on independent distributors, but after two years of struggling with not being able to find good distributors, we changed our business model. We have shifted our focus to the retail market and now have our products in many stores near our manufacturing facility in north Georgia. With our restructure, we changed the brand name to Imperial Candle in 2012. On July 1 2014, we launched our new brand Sapphire Willow, expanding into boutique home décor and more.